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In 1999, the Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999 - Public Law l06-50 - went into effect. Veterans Chamber of Commerce have been seeking such needed meaning to being an entrepreneur since the late Denver Bishop George Roche Evans (1922-1985) identified such needed meaning to being an entrepreneur who also happened to have served in the U.S. Armed Forces; or, as the War Widows who are cooperating in bringing his Mission to light, Eligible Dependents of those who have given their lives for their country.

Since 2007 the unemployment rate among Veterans ages 20 to 24 was nearly twice that of their civilian counterparts, and the rate at which the federal government conducted business with companies owned by Veterans who claimed Service-Connected Disabilities, such as our Founders, was less than one half of l percent of all federal dollars spent.

In order to begin to correct this serious axis of evil, and as the needed model for every state in the Union, Veterans Chamber of Commerce (VCC), to keep our nation's promises to our Wounded Warriors in such Public Law, by increasing their participation in state contracting, do hereby ask Colorado Governor Bill Ritter to sign an Executive Order awarding ten percent of all state contracts to certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises who are the lowest bidders; and to identify in such E.O. the free membership to the VCC for Wounded Warriors Incarcerated, especially those who are Native American. VCC has contacted the Colorado School of Mines for the needed partnership between a faith-based social service paradigm providing solar-energy business ownership studies to our Wounded Warriors Incarcerated. Then, upon early release as they complete their studies, they will be able to participate in correcting the lack of the United States in assisting her Freedom Fighters in playing a greater role in the economy of the United States by forming and expanding small-business enterprises.

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